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The Coronavirus Pandemic has seen the NHS face innumerable challenges, with staffing levels and resources stretched more than ever. There has been a wealth of donations from the charitable sector to the NHS to help support our frontline services. As a charity we are aiming to make the task of our NHS staff easier. We carried out a successful crowdfunder enabling us to supply over 75 hospitals, from the Shetlands to central London, with walkie talkies. 

It may not sound much but these simple radios can make a massive difference.  When one is wearing PPE and working inside a COVID unit, it can be difficult to communicate with the rest of the healthcare team on the outside. The normal means of communications, telephones and bleeps etc, are left outside or tucked underneath the PPE and cannot be accessed. Moreover, to limit the spread of the virus within hospitals, staff must remove the PPE when moving from one clinical area to another, which makes communication between these areas difficult and time-consuming. 

These simple devices are proving invaluable in enabling healthcare staff in PPE to quickly access equipment or pass messages onto their colleagues. Their use is now being seen in Intensive Care Units, operating theatres, A&E departments and on medical wards. To find out more about what we have been up to, please read on OVER AND OUT.

Radios are live at these hospitals:


Who We Are

Asthma Innovation Research (AIR) - bringing new ideas to the forefront

We are a charity launched by a group of UCL medical students committed to promoting asthma awareness and education.

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Schools Education

Since 2012, we have run a schools education programme where we train medical students to go into schools to teach children about asthma. To date, we have taught over 2000 school children across the country. Our programme is set up in many universities across the country, including UCL, Cardiff, King College London, Imperial and Birmingham. Check out our video for more information. 


We are a free service so if your school would be interest in a presentation from us or if you would like to set up the project at your university, please get in touch! 


Princess Asma and Asthmanauts

Asthmanauts was first created in 2011 with the purpose of producing a booklet for children to improve their understanding and hopefully their management of their asthma. With the help of children and parents and a talented designer, Rich Sheehan, we created Asthmanauts, a short comic book where in the child becomes the hero and defeats space villains, the triggers (cigarette smoke or pollen) with the help of their inhaler rockets, Captain Blue and Commander Brown.

The booklet is currently in its second edition and has been trailed across two different hospitals and positively received by clinicians, parents and most importantly children.

Inspired by Asthmanauts, Princess Asma was designed as an adventurous alternative asthma information booklet. The team of Azmain Chowdhury, Louise Kuo, Rhonda Trotman, Jonny Coppel and a fantastic designer, Jess Chow, have produced this exciting resource.

These booklets have been tested and results have been published at the Paediatric Asthma and Allergy Meeting (PAAM), London 2017 and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Conference, Glasgow 2018.

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The Team

Dr Rahul Chodhari

Trustee, consultant paediatrician

Dr Jonny Coppel


Dr Lucy Everson


Dr Jess Kearney


Dr Simon Braithwaite


Dominic Fenn


Louise Kuo

Head of Media and Marketing

Zhen Cahilog

Head Head of Imperial Schools Team


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