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First We Spoke To The Kids


What did you know about asthma before the training doctors came in to talk?

I knew that some people have it and they can’t do running and things because they can’t breathe. People have blue pumps. I thought you only had a brown pump if you were old but now I know it can stop you from getting an attack.

What do you know about asthma now?

It is a condition that makes your breathing tubes tighter, narrower and you can’t get oxygen to your lungs. You can do lots of exercises and some people can win races and be in the Olympics and play football. A spacer can help you to take the medicine in the pump especially if you are young. Lots of sports people have asthma and don’t have any problems.

What would you do if your friend had an asthma attack?

I would help them by getting their pump for them and helping them to use it if they are struggling. I would try to keep them calm and be a good friend

Do you think kids should learn about asthma?

It is very very important because if your family or friends have an asthma attack you can help them and save their life. Some grownups don’t know what to do so you will need to be in charge to save lives. You can stop your parents from worrying about you if you get asthma because you can tell them it will be ok.

Would you treat anyone differently if they had asthma?

No you must treat everybody the same. The person with asthma wants to be treated the same because they are living with it and coping. But they do want to be helped if they have an attack.


Then We Asked The Teachers


Do you think it is beneficial to teach ks1 children about asthma?

Yes very much so. It was remarkable and very pleasing how well the younger children understood the condition and how to deal with an attack if it were to happen. They listened very well and were able to explain what they had been taught weeks later, showing they had retained the information. This is clearly beneficial for their lifelong learning and general life skills. I think asthma awareness should be taught together with other basic first aid skills.

Do you think the children engaged in the teaching sessions? How well we’re they sessions presented?

All the children benefitted greatly from the sessions. The children were engaged, interested and listened well. The information was pitched correctly, clearly delivered with interactive opportunities, which maintained the children’s concentration. The adults who delivered the sessions were pleasant and enthusiastic and clearly very knowledgeable. The children related to them very well throughout. They particularly loved the quiz and the work on the whiteboards.

Do you think the scheme will have any impact on reducing asthma deaths in schools?

Certainly will. If all children and staff are equipped with the correct information and skills to deal with an asthma attack, it should follow that the number of asthma attacks that develop into more serious incidents will decrease. 

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