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The AIR Schools Project

19 Mar The AIR Schools Project

The AIR schools project is a highly successful asthma awareness scheme.


The programme was set up by two UCL medical students in 2012. The aim is to raise awareness about asthma amongst school children and ultimately reduce hospital admissions due to asthma.

The project is based around medical students going into schools and providing a fun and interactive session to teach the children basic information about asthma.

The school students complete a quiz before and after the session and the improvement in their knowledge is measured to ensure the session has been effective.


So how will the students benefit from taking part

1 in 11 school children have asthma. It is therefore an incredibly important condition to learn about. Following the session, students will have an awareness of what asthma is, the basics of how it is treated, and how students should respond in an emergency asthma attack situation. It is a fun and interactive session. Many of the students have given great feedback about how much they enjoyed the sessions! Furthermore, some students feel embarrassed about having asthma. We aim to remove any stigma that may be associated with the condition and ensure that all the students understand that asthma doesn’t stop anyone doing activities such as sport. We want students who have asthma to feel happy that their peers understand their condition.


How will the school benefit from taking part?

Asthma is now part of the core PSHCE curriculum in many schools, and in our session we aim to teach the key concepts. Furthermore, a scheme called the Asthma Kitemarking Scheme is currently being rolled out across schools. The aim of this scheme is to visit schools and label them as “asthma friendly”. Our sessions can help put your school well on the way to achieving this!


So what does the session involve?

1) Introduction from the speakers.

2) Asthma Quiz. A quiz is handed out to the students which they then complete. Often, the students may not be able to answer many of the questions, but this is what the session is for!

3) Presentation. The medical students will then give a short 20 minute presentation about asthma. This includes some basic physiology, treatment of asthma and what your students should do in an emergency. The level of the presentation can be adjusted according to the age of the class being taught.

4) Asthma Quiz Part 2. The students then complete the same quiz as they completed at the beginning of the session. Hopefully now they should be able to answer all of the questions!

5) Q&A. The students now have the chance to ask any questions they may have.

6) Thank yous and finish.


When do we run the sessions?

Ideally, we run our sessions on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to fit in with the medical students’ timetables. However, if you are keen to get involved but do not have these time slots available, let us know and we will try and fit in to a different time.


Our requirements for the day

  1. Students age between 8-14
  2. Ability to run a powerpoint presentation
  3. Students to be asked to bring a pen or pencil to the session in order to fill out the quiz

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